Some of my favorite people

It took me a while to write today because I was having too much fun!  I never thought I would say such a thing ever again.  Mo and I were in Palm Springs with some of my favorite people celebrating the 40th birthdays of two of my favorite people - Jess and Eowyn.  The girls were so cool to let me come with Mo - it made my life so much easier - I'm just not ready to be without him.  He was SUCH a good boy too.  He loved all of the girlie attention - he cooed and smiled and rasberried.  We all ate a delicious dinner prepared by Kate, played cranium, gossiped in the jacuzzi.  Today we stopped at the outlet malls and then I took Robyn to the airport.  It's so awesome to be with close friends who know and love me and who I can be myself with.  It is so easy to be with people who I know and love as much.  Mo and I are so glad we went.  It was a GREAT time!  Happy Birthday to two of my very very very favorite people!  I love you girls!

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