A weekend with Gigi

Teddy's mom, whom the grandchildren call "Gigi", is in town and has been having loads of fun with Mozie!  She and Teddy went to Ikea and bought Mo a brand new highchair, they went on his first roll around the block in the little car that Maxie loved, and we all went to my niece Camille's first birthday.  There, we watched Mo fall in love with his cousin.  I had both of them on my lap and he was touching her face and putting his arm around her and stroking her arm.  It was very, very cute.  Camille's birthday party is the first kid's birthday party we have been to since the weekend before Maxie's incident.  Kid's parties, specifically babies' first birthday are somewhat complicated for us.  It would have been easy to avoid going to one until we were able to throw a first birthday for Mo...but, Miss Camille needed celebrating.  She is such a cutie!

Teddy and I also did lots of reading to Mo this weekend.  He really pays good attention to the books and it's obvious which books are his favorites and which he doesn't like at all.  Max was the same way.  It's not at all shocking that they have liked many of the same books.


Jayden's Mommy said...

He is just adorable in all the pictures. A favorite this one when you are sitting reading to him. I love it.

Egreeno said...

LOVE the reading pic!!