Sister Wife

We attended a baby shower for this beautiful lady yesterday:

(Erika with me and Mo)

Ted has always said that baby showers are for women.  He would never attend one.  But, for Erika (his former "work wife"), he came home early from a ski trip to be in attendance.  I think he was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful garden filled with his friends, delicious food and cold beers.  He's going to want to go to every baby shower I'm invited to from now on ( if!)

Erika was always wonderful with Max.  She is wonderful with babies.  She spent lots of time with us in the year after we lost him.  She had us over for dinner on Halloween (one of the most horrific days after losing Max), she brought over countless dinners and sat with us in our darkest pain, she volunteered at Maxie's event and donated her time for our silent auction (she is an amazing interior designer), and she never, ever rushed us through the horror - she never stopped us from talking about Max - she never changed the subject or belittled our loss - she ALWAYS acknowledges the horror of Maxie's death - the profundity of our emptiness.  And, I know we were really hard to be around in that first year...but she always made us feel like she wanted to spend time with us, not like we were an obligation.  I love her.  I really really love her.

I am very excited for her little one's arrival and I look forward to many future playdates. (And, I am talking about me and her....but our little boys can come too).  She is going to be an amazing mother!

PS - just kidding about the "sister wife" thing.  BUT - if we were to take one - I pick Erika!  (Though I am not sure how her husband Ian would feel about that one)

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Jessica Clements Riskin said...

Abs, I love the picture. You look fantastic and Mo is too cute. I'm so happy for Erika and Ian! That's very exciting. She is such a lovely person and has been such a good friend to you guys. Totally put a smile on my face to read this. Love to you and your boys. xo