My Unique Boy

I've written a lot about how Mo reminds me of Max.  It is only one of the MANY reasons that I am so in love with Mo.  Mo is also completely different than Max in many many ways and a very unique little guy.  Most obviously - he is HUGE!  He was born huge (9.52 pounds, 21 inches) and continues to grow large (He is about 20 pounds now at almost 8 months).  He is busting out of his 9 months clothes and wears a size 4 diaper.  Max was much smaller.

Also hard to ignore is Mo's full head of hair!  It is stick straight and he has already had to have it cut around his ears twice! Max's hair very lightly covered his head...

Mo makes a lot of different sounds - he says "MAMAMAMAMAM" on the regular (my FAVORITE whether it is intentional or not because I really don't know), he has about 3 different kinds of raspberry noises, he hums and grunts, he screams when he is happy (as I've mentioned, it sounds like he is on his way down a very fast moving and sky high roller coaster), he makes yummy noises when he eats, and I could really go on and on.  He is very vocally expressive.  The pediatrician even said she thought he'd probably be an early talker.  Even though Max was also very expressive, he mostly said "Da Da Da Da" (which Ted especially loved) and squealed with delight.

Mo's always moving, whereas Max was much more reserved.  When Mo is especially enjoying something (food, tv, seeing Daddy or Grandma), he twirls his wrists and ankles constantly (see video below).  On the changing table, he kicks his feet and reaches for the drapes, and thrashes his head from side to side.  When he is in his exersaucer or jumparoo, he gets a lot of exercise - dancing like crazy, whereas Max would sometimes jump but mostly would very carefully study each toy and button.

 Watch the ankles and wrists

Max was content to play on his own for much longer than Mo.  Max could sit in his bumbo and watch me make dinner.  I would generally talk him through the steps of my preparation and he loved it as much as if I were reading him "Goodnight Moon".  Mo also likes to play on his own but he likes more interaction.  He is happiest when I am up close and personal with him - which is fine by me since I can't get enough of him.

Mo reminds me a lot of Max but he isn't a replacement child.  He is his own little dude.  Mo feels like much more of a little boy than a baby in many ways.  Mo is hearty next to Max's delicateness.  He sweetness is boisterous compared to Maxie's more subdued sweet.  And, in a giant twist of "doesn't quite fit the rest of his personality", Mo is a crazy cuddler...Max was too but Mo is even MORE.  He likes to rest his head against my chest and suck on those fingers.  He seems most happy when we are snuggled close, and so am I.  Mo's heartiness and little boyness is what we needed - it inspires more confidence in his well-being than I think we would have had otherwise.  We are so grateful for that....and for him.  He is perfect - talking about him turns our sadness to smiles.  Mo is not a replacement child.  He is just Mo: our second boy, the healer of our hearts, our most important living person, a child we love just as much as his older brother.  He makes every day special.  We love him so much.


Tiffany Torres said...

Mo reminds me a lot of our rainbow. They are not replacements at all, and could never be, but they are exactly what/who we need to make it through life without our boys. Thinking of you and Maxie always (even though I'm not blogging as regularly as I used to).

maxiesmommy said...

Thank you Tiffany - I saw some Julius monkeys yesterday and was thinking about you and your sweet boy. Almost bought them for you but wasn't sure if you would already have them or even want them. Anyway - he was on my mind! XOXO

Taryn Baughman said...

What amazing, lovable, gorgeous boys you have! It was fun to read about both of them. They really are their own people, but they are both so unspeakably precious. I love to look at the photos of Maxie in your side bar, and then at the pictures of Mo you post. What cute brothers, but certainly very unique.