My babies have had so many of the same idiosyncrasies.  I have to wonder if their similarities are unique to the two of them or to babies everywhere.
  • Both boys have been VERY impatient when being dressed.  Mo is impatient when getting dressed for the day AND when being put into his jammies at night.  Max was more impatient at jammy time - but it's the same need to get in the clothes and off that table.  A quick change of diaper doesn't elicit the same impatient response.
  • Both boys have had the same impatience when eating.  You cannot shovel the food in fast enough.  They have been super HUNGRY boys - screaming and grumbling between bites.  They have both been good eaters, loving new foods and textures.  Yams have been the Leviss boys favorite food for sure.
  • Both Maxie and Mo have loved being read to and have had strong preferences for certain books.  Mo is not NEARLY as big of a fan of "Goodnight Moon" as Maxie was but he does like "Goodnight Gorilla" a whole lot.  Both boys have absolutely LOVED this weird series of animal books that I bought at the supermarket for Max.  Mo smiles from ear to ear when he sees me bring one of those books out to did Max.

I love the Maxie I see in Mo.  Not only in his smile but in the small ways that they are the same...the small ways in which I get to feel like Max is in Mo somehow.  Max, my very special baby - the most important person of my first 37 years - will never, ever be replaced...but I look for the small details of his beautiful life in the most important living person in my life right now.  Just one more thing that makes my Mo SO incredibly special!

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Jayden's Mommy said...

A lot of what you describe I think it's boys. Both my boys have been impatient about getting dress. Both have always act like they are starving. They have been amazing eaters. My girls were different. It's beautiful and special how they are both unique in their own way yet very similar. I like those books we have tons and I never seen those.