On a clumsy run

I've been kind of a mess lately.  My brain is extra air-heady and I keep getting hurt or finding new ailments.  It started with the plugged duct - which lasted a couple of days but finally cleared up after I took some advice from my readers.  Awesome.

Then, the ankle - it's so nice how people keep asking about it.  It is actually SO much better.  I spent about 5 days off my foot entirely - elevating and icing it and it has been getting slowly better.  I was off crutches by the following weekend.  It still hurts - mostly it is just a real bummer because I originally injured it on the day of Maxie's incident and it is just a nagging physical reminder of my broken heart.

Then, Sunday I was playing with Mo and Ted when Ted asked me what happened to my eye?  I asked him what he meant and he told me there was blood in the corner of my eye.  That was Sunday - the blood has now spread and covers over half my eye. (See exhibit A).  Sexy.

Exhibit A
Finally, last night I was making dinner and used a pan in the oven to roast some chicken thighs.  After I took the pan out and put it back on the stove, I was on auto pilot and grabbed the hot handle.  It took a full minute for my brain to receive the message that my hand was being burned.  Ted took good care of me - getting my hand under cold water and iced up and then wrapped in gauze.  Then he finished off making dinner under my direction. 

I am on a clumsy run.  Not paying careful attention, getting hurt for no reason.  My brain is kind of out to lunch and it takes all of my energy just to maintain the focus for the stuff that I HAVE to pay attention to - like work and Mo.  Even when I am not hurting myself - my body seems to just be combusting from the inside - as evidenced by my bloody eyeball.

An old friend recently lost her brother - suddenly and unexpectedly.  I get the sense that she might still be in shock even though I hear it in her emails that she is totally devastated.  She wrote me a couple of days ago to tell me that she was doing Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Choprah's 21 day meditation challenge.  "At first it sounded a little bit commercial to me or like they would be trying to get something out of us", she explained "but it is wonderful and I am loving every second of it. It's 15 minutes per day and I think the thoughts and messages are so meaningful and comforting."  So, I decided to do it too.  Perhaps 15 minutes a day of quiet might help me regain some focus.  (I meditated A LOT in the first year after losing Max.  My periods of meditation were the only moments of peace that I had and I would do it several times a day.)  I'd really like to put an end to this clumsy streak. 

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Tamar said...

Abby, So sorry about all these mishaps/ailments! I am doing the meditation challenge too and loving it. Also loved the St. Paddy's photo day shoot :-) Sending you love. xoxo