Passover Photo Shoot

Mo wasn't really feeling up to our Passover Photo Shoot.  Instead of his usual smiles, he was mostly wanting to take a nap.  So, it was a short shoot.  We took him to the pediatrician later that day because his mommy worries!  He checked out fine and seems to actually be much happier today.  Thank goodness!

I love this boy!


Egreeno said...

Greg and I both love the next to last photo! Mo sure does have a way with the camera and seeing him never fails in making my day so much brighter!

Taryn Baughman said...

This baby is just a little bright light in the world! Look at him! He wasn't "feeling up to' his photo shoot, yet he is smiley and adorable as ever! That third, photo where he looks 'thoughtful' is so darling.