No common thread

Now that the Giants won the Superbowl, Ted actually placed the order for the new couch.  He wanted to keep the Ikea blue that he'd sat on for this whole season before moving on.  Sometimes Ted is a little superstitious about stuff like that.  The couch should be in our living room by mid-March.  I only mention it because the few people who have been over have all asked me what this thing is still doing in our living room. So, now you know.  

Yesterday I went to physical therapy and the guys who usually see me were unusually busy and so I saw a woman named Anna instead.  She is the first one to have actually found the tendon in my ankle that is so messed up (even my podiatrist couldn't actually pinpoint the exact place).  She massaged it for like 20 minutes.  It was awesome.  Then she iced it, whereas the other dudes had been heating it.   I changed all of my upcoming appointments and now I am only seeing her.  I think it will make a big difference.

This is specific to anyone who is watching The Bachelor with me....what is up with his hair? Does he think that just because he is the Bachelor that he can just let it be parted down the middle and put no effort in at all.  It is the worst hair ever.  Even Ted had to comment last night.  It is bad.

I am excited to potentially meet one of my friends who don't know me this weekend.  I exchanged a couple of emails with Molly yesterday and she just so happens to be coming to LA this week to visit friends.  Being able to connect with someone else who knows what I am going through - who understands why I haven't snapped out of it after six months, who knows what it's like to feel like you cannot take one more step - let alone put "one foot in front of the other", who knows not only what it is like to lose your baby, but to lose yourself, who has to go through life missing the sweet face of the person you loved most - it is so "comforting".  Plus, even though I don't know her, I really like her (do I sound kind of stalkerish?)  I feel really lucky that she is making time to visit with me while she is here.

Clearly no common thread - just a bunch of stuff to "fill" my days.


Daphna said...

It is wonderfull that you are meeting Molly. I hope this new friend will provide you with recognition, good discussions, understanding, love and true support. Have a good meeting with her.

Rebecca Patrick-Howard said...

Someone compared Ben to one of the Geico cavemen and now that's all I can see when I look at him. Either he hasn't found anyone he likes and and is just keeping Courtney around for the entertainment value for he really is delusional. I like Emily, which of course means her days are numbered. I love THE BACHELOR but I actually think Ben is kind of a jerk. Still, I tune into it every week. Mom and I have invented a drinking game. We drink whenever someone uses the words amazing, connection, relationship, or "taking it to the next level." Good thing we're only doing soda because we'd be drink by the first commercial.

Jessica said...

I read Molly's blog when you posted about her before. Lucy's story is tragic and heartbreaking. Molly seems like a phenomenal woman who does wonderful things to help people going through child loss. I hope that you do get to meet her and that your friendship brings some "comfort" to you both. I know she'll really like you too. xoxo

Yael said...

I am so unimpressed with his season of the bachelor - Ben was awesome last season (although I was a JT fan the whole way ) and this season he looks blah and is acting like an idiot - and don't even get me started about that WINNING girl -- Courtney .... don't like her at all!!! And I like the drinking game Rebecca thought up... they do go into that a lot :) LOL its so funny how each one has such a special connection with a guy they met a second and a half ago... and the crying--- oh the crying when they leave. My gosh its fun watching :) Don't get me wrong - I love this show its my guilty pleasure but I think I like i better when the boys are vying for the girls attention and not the other way around.