Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today I have no words.  What is there to say, other than - I miss Max?  Pretty much nothing.


Bianca said...

I miss him too, that amazing grin, the way he flirted with other people, but just gazed so contentedly at you all the time. I will always miss the amazing boy and man he was going to become and the brilliant baby he already was. I think all the time about what Max would be doing today and how painful it is that this beautiful light is not here. I am so sorry.

jessica said...

I'm sorry honey. Like Bianca, I think about Maxie all of the time. He is very loved and very missed. I am so very sorry that this is your world. I am so sorry that you have to miss your beautiful boy and that he's not here with you. It is so devastating. I love you guys. xoxo

Egreeno said...

I'm so sorry! Sending love and strength to get through the days without him in this world.. Love you, E

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