What's going on in there?

All hopes I had for a Maxie reincarnation baby were totally wiped out when I started feeling this baby's kicks.  Baby M is ACTIVE!  No joke.  Maxie moved but his movements were smooth.  He definitely hiccuped a lot, both before and after birth.  My favorite thing was that when I would touch my stomach, a little push would reach up from the inside of me and meet my touch.  We had an E.T. kind of thing going on.

Baby M is enjoying Zumba in the womb.  He jabs and kicks and basically rocks out all of the time.  It is kind of crazy actually.  I wonder if people can see him dancing under my shirt.

I wonder what this means about the Baby M we will meet in July.  Will he just be a wild child?  It would probably be nice to be kept on my toes... Ted and I always said that we had it too easy with Max.  Our next one was bound to be pretty rambunctious.  Sometimes I think it is his way of saying, "Hey mom!  Stop crying!  We are going to have so much fun when I get out there".  Or, maybe he is saying, "Yo, you might want to rethink your plans of becoming the next Octo-mom".  My Baby M - I can't wait to meet you little peanut!


Tiffany said...

omg, so many similarities.

Julius was my mellow baby. i'm a zumba instructor and i taught while pregnant with both babes. Julius was always so chill about zumba. our baby girl would move right along with me during class. she was also a really active baby in general. but i always thought that Julius probably told her that she was going to need to be really wild and active in order to help me. though i was always worried about her, she was really really good about easing my mind by moving like crazy.

so glad Maxie sent you a wild child too. :)

maxiesmommy said...

To be clear, I don't Zumba (though if I were my old self, I DEFINITELY would). That's just what I picture happening on the inside. It is pure madness!

David Eisenberg said...

Every new child is different yet, in their own way, clearly a sibling to those that came before them. That's why I'm sure you'll always see some of Maxie in Baby M, as you should -- even as Baby M clearly dances to a tune of his or her own. That dance is a wonderful thing.

greg said...

Abby - I love you very much, but please do not become the next Octomom. She's like, $1,000,000 in debt and totally crazy.

And I can't wait to meet Baby M either. Rambunctious or not, he's gonna be cute and awesome and beautiful and loved.

Yael said...

i LOVE it! Baby M - is awesome :)

Tiffany Torres said...

lol, whoops sorry i guess i was reading your post too quickly. but i'm glad Maxie sent you a zumbalicious baby m anyway :)