End of the World

If I'm being really honest, I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed to wake up this morning and see that the world has not ended as predicted in ancient Mayan prophesy.  I'd actually been looking forward to it.

Earlier this week, I went to see my accupuncturist who asked, "Do you know what Friday is?".  "The end of the world!", I excitedly replied.  "No", she replied, "it's the dawning of a new age.  A wonderful day to meditate on manifesting your dreams!".  My dream is to be with Max again.  Can I somehow manifest that?  Perhaps I should meditate on manifesting the end of the world.

I know there is still some time left in the day but, it looks like the world is going to keep on spinning.....something I still can't believe, since my world already ended long ago.


Leo's mum said...

I blogged about the EXACT same thing earlier today, you took the words right out of my mouth! I'm gutted that the world didn't implode and my counsellor also said to me yesterday that this was the 'start of a change'. Uugh.

Rachael said...

Given your super powerful "secret" skills, I'll know exactly to whom I can attribute the end of the world when it comes. Ok to joke??? Not ok??? In all seriousness, I also wish for you that reuniting with Max were more within your realm of control - I know when you do find each other it'll be one of your best best moments ever, so I'll also meditate a bit today that Max will find his way back to you very very soon.