My pledge to you

My baby boy
I promise to always walk beside you
To shield you from as much pain as possible
I promise to always have your back
To love you with everything in my soul

Baby boy
You will always come first with me
Even before myself
And when there is nothing I can do to save you from hurt
I will make sure to love you even more

Little Mo
You are my everything
You are my whole heart
As your mommy, nothing else matters but you
I love you, my love.....

Thank you for giving my life purpose, my sweet boy
Today and everyday 

For no matter how old you grow 
(because I pray that you grow very, very old)
You will always be my baby boy
More important to me than anyone
My child

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Taryn said...

This is just gorgeous (brought tears to my eyes) and Mo is just a little cherub.