I love LA

I am actually not even sure that I do love LA anymore.

Ted and I figured out how to access my Shutterfly photo albums on our tv set the other night.  We sat and watched slide shows from our former lives - the ones before I met Ted, the ones from before we got married, the ones from our wedding, the ones from before Maxie was born, the ones from when I was pregnant with him, the one from when he was here.

Speaking of which, both my brother Paul and Prima Sharon dug up the "I love LA" rehearsal videos from our wedding that I mentioned in yesterday's post!  He had three.  The first one is just Sharon and I doing the routine.  The second one was our performance with Carmen, who sexys it up a bit - as she is known to do.  We are sweaty because we are practicing a dance routine in my livingroom, which happens to be in the middle of a rainforest.  It's like 1,000,000 percent humidity.  The third is with all of my girlfriends practicing the night before Ted got to Costa Rica.

Ted likes to tease me that I love Randy Newman just because I love this song.  I don't love Randy Newman.  I really don't.

Abby and Prima Sharon

Carm, Abby and Prima Sharon

Sharon says she practiced again yesterday at home because you never know when we might need to do this routine again.  Ha!  Classic Sharon.

Carm teaching the routine to the ladies

The rehearsal went better than the show!  Trust me.

I miss the "old me".  I really really do.  I'm feeling nostalgic for myself.  


Tiffany Norquest said...

Glad to see you are doing well. Love seeing the boys and hearing about Little Mo. You don't know me, but I saw this the other day and got so excited! http://www.etsy.com/listing/83023234/the-perfect-baby-blanket-monkeys-and?ref=similar_items_sash It made me think of Maxie! Love to you.

greg said...

Best wedding ever BTW and don't sell yourself short Abs, "the show" went pretty well (I mean, not in like the "perfectly-executed" sense, but for sure in the "awesome-to-watch" sense).

Marla said...

I still see the old you all the time. But new you, old you, love ya regardless. And these videos really made me smile.