A hike and some bragging

Ted has begun a routine of taking the dogs for a hike every Sunday morning (he'd probably go Saturday too but he has had to work every Saturday for the last month).  He takes them to a great (but really steep) trail in the Burbank hills not far from our home.  The impetus for the Sunday hikes was a trip to the vet to see why Jakey has been acting so sad - crying and moaning - lately.  His hips are not doing well and he needs to be building up strength so he can get up off the floor easier.  He is also overweight.  So, in addition to getting on medication for the pain, Jakey was prescribed some hiking.

It sounded like a good family activity so yesterday I asked him to wait until after Mo's first nap so we could join them.  PLUS - I wanted the opportunity to take Mo out in our new BOB stroller!

Have I mentioned that I have the most wonderful girlfriends?  This AMAZING, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE stroller was a gift from my bookclub girlfriends for Hanukkah, organized by my friend Annie!  Is that not crazy?  It is light as a feather and super comfortable for Mo and off roads like a champ.  I love it.  I still only made it up half the hill.  My plan to to try and join them every weekend until I can make it to the top with no problem.  I guess sitting on my couch for a whole year has really caught up to me.  The old me could have take this hike with no issue at all.  Anyway, if I wake up sore the next day, I can always book an at-home massage because another group of girlfriends and family organized by my friend Eowyn (actually, there was even some cross over) bought me 12 gift certificates for at home spa treatments!  I've already had two massages and a pedicure in the luxury of my own home.  Am I blessed or what?  I'm VERY lucky to have the most amazing friends on earth.  I often complain about the disappointments, the jerks, the insensitive - but I need to spend much more time bragging about the wonderful, empathetic, funny, and loyal.  I love my friends.  Truly.

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