Good Boy!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last night a few of Teddy's oldest friends came over.  We laughed and ate and probably drank too much wine.  And, guess who slept through the night AND slept in until 8:30?

He is SUCH a good boy!


Bianca said...

such cuteness! Thinking about you and Maxie and Mo and Teddy and sending love.

Seeing Each Day said...

Well done , Mo! That sort of stuff used to always make my day. How cute does he look in that knitted cardigan.

Sarah Blitzstein said...

Mo is looking so grown up in that sweater!!! Sending you good wishes and good thoughts for the new year. Sarah

Rose said...

Oh Mo! He is so gorgeous and in his face I see Abby, Ted and Maxie. xo.

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