Back to work

Going back to work doesn't sound like a big transition, I know.  Afterall, I will be working from home and my house is pretty small.  But, it FEELS like a big transition.  I won't be the one playing with Mo all day.  I won't be the one to put him down for all of his naps or the one to decipher all of his moods.  Sure, I can pop my head in any time I want.  I can even take long breaks and take over...but, it won't be the same.  And, since the only thing in the world that has brought me any peace since Max died is Mo, I am scared and sad.  I feel like I miss him when he is just in the next room.  I missed Max the same way....I missed him when he slept at night.

I love Mo so much it scares me.  He is my most important living person.  I don't want to miss out on anything.

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Susan Ireland said...

It's a huge transition. Be gentle with yourself Abbie. Are you going back fulltime? Wondering if you could stage your return so you're only doing a few hours to start with? Big hug to you. Mo will still be a source of joy to you, even if you're not the one putting him down for his nap etc. Just the fact that they are ok is a big boost xx