High Road

I want to start taking the high road.  I want to let the terrible things that people say to me just roll off my back.  Trouble is that I haven't got a thick skin...never really did and now it is thinner than ever.  But, fighting and fighting and fighting....it's exhausting.  There will always be people that see Ted and I as easy targets.  It's easy to pick on the bereaved parents.  It's not hard to get under our skin.  We are vulnerable and filled with sorrow.  But, I am tired of scrapping it out...and the people who are troubled enough to pick on us will probably never go away.

Starting today, I am going to do my best to start taking the high road.  Mean words DO hurt me but you don't need me to tell you that.  It won't go in one ear and out the other at first but if I keep ignoring it, maybe it eventually will.  I am joining my husband, who almost always takes the high road.

It's just not worth the pain anymore.

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Rebecca Patrick-Howard said...

I'm trying to do that, too. It's not easy. Someone sent me a long, chastising comment the other day about that other woman's blog and how I shouldn't be upset at the "poor woman", despite the fact that I am STILL getting nasty emails from her friends and a lovely statement from her about how she'd like to pull my hair out. Not to mention the other stuff. But I haven't once told her to kiss my ass or done any kind of spell.I consider it growing.