Dear Maxie

Dear Maxie,
My sweet sweet baby.  I miss you every day.  I miss you every second of every day.  I hope you know how much we love you.  How our love for you grew every single day.  I hope you know how proud of you we are.  You must know how blessed we feel that you were ours.
I still cannot believe it is possible that your sweet soul is no longer here on earth.  That you were taken away from us.  That you will never be able to touch the hearts of all of the people you were supposed to meet and change the lives of everyone you were going to encounter.  I am scared that there may be no heaven.  Daddy and I are counting on seeing you there and if it doesn't exist, we will be so heartbroken.  All I know is that as soon as you were born, and every day after, I had a feeling that we had always known each other.  You were meant to be my baby and you were more familiar to me than anyone I have ever known.
Maxie, I feel you with me all of the time.  I dream about you every single night.  I want to hold you in my arms so bad, it hurts.  I would give anything in the world to have you back with me.  I would give my own life if it could have saved yours.  I would do anything for you.  There isn't anything that I wouldn't do.  You were and are the center of my universe.  Without you, I am so lost.
I hope that you are safe and warm and being looked after.  I hope you are getting to know all of the grandparents that Daddy and I have lost.  I hope they are telling you dirty jokes and spending whole days walking up a long hill.  I hope that they are telling you how much you are loved. I hope they have arms wrapped around you and lips pressed against your little face.
Daddy and I miss you so much, Maxie.  Please wait for us.  We love you more than anything in the whole wide world and we are praying that someday we will be a family again.
With all of my heart,

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Jenny said...

Thank you Abby for all you have shared with those who subscribe. It is a privilege to be trusted with your broken-heart, and painfully raw as well. We pray for you and Ted everyday. I am 100% certain there is a Heaven and Maxie is there, safe and happy. All our love, Jenny