Third Month

3 months

In your third month we found out that your little head was a little flat on one side and you needed to spend 6 weeks in a "Doc Band".  Lots of kids (& adults) have flat parts of their heads - it is nothing weird or strange - it is normal.  AND lots of kids get Doc Bands.  The Doc Band is a little helmet.  Yours only weighs 4 ounces.  You have been a total champ.  It seems like you don't even notice it at all.  Dad put lots of sticks all over it - NY GIANTS, LA Dodgers, lots of dinosaurs, race cars, and music stickers! 

You also started daycare this month.  You go every day to a home daycare in the neighborhood.  There are 5 other kids there - Joseph, Brooklyn, Carter, Andrew and one other baby we haven't met yet and you!  You are the youngest so everyone gets really excited when you come in the morning and they say, "Baby Maxie is here!"  They are really like your "hat"!  Joseph asks his mommy every day if he can wear it and she explains to him that "the hat belongs to Baby Maxie!"

At the end of  your 3rd month, we are going to Costa Rica and meeting Auntie Beth and Cousin Sadie.  Maxie- you started smiling A LOT!  You are a happy baby - you are social and smile at everyone.  We love you more and more everyday!  Once, I heard you laugh in your sleep!

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