Month 2

2 months

Your second month had been a little more challenging. You are awake more and you like to be carried - a lot!  Mommy loves holding and hugging you but somehow you feel HEAVY!  Oh Well!  You are only going to get heavier.  You are sleeping in our bed again in the "snuggle nest" and even though our bed is small, we like having you in it.  During week 6 we left the house a lot and went on many adventures- we went to baby boy Riskin's baby shower, you went to G-Ma's house for a long babysitting visit (we went to a wedding), we went to Mommy and Me yoga class, a daytime movie with other babies and Mommies (including Aunties Bianca, Amy, and Liesel and babies Luca and Penelope), we went to a breastfeeding class and took our first Mommy and Baby trip to the market.  

We can't figure out if you like to be swaddled - you try to get out of it when you wake up but you sleep really well when you are in it.  You've started smiling but you aren't smiling at us yet - just smiling at your own thoughts.  Your eighth week was very hard - whenever you were awake, you were crying and you didn't sleep at night at all.  We took you took the doctor and found out that you had acid reflux.  We got you some medicine and they seem to be working. 

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