Fourth Month

4 months

You are such a big boy!  You hold your head up, smile a lot, laugh a little, you are learning to hold things, sitting in our laps while we visit with friends and family and when we read to you.  You are a really happy baby.  You got your helmet off on your 4 month birthday and slept 11 hours in a row that night.  We started sleep training you - the first night was hard, the second night you did a perfect job.  We love you more and more every day.  Last month we went to Costa Rica with Auntie Beth and Cousin Sadie.  You were so good on the airplane, sleeping basically the whole way there and back - even in the car ride up and down from our house.  You went in the swimming pool for the first time.  Daddy held you in the pool and you loved it.  Not surprising since you LOVE bath time - smiling and splashing.  You are still very popular at daycare.  Little Joseph says "My baby is here!", when you arrive and then gets crazy excited and says "Take him out!" of your car seat.  Sadie also LOVES her cousin!  In CR, she said "My cousin" all of the time and when you cried, she rubbed your arm and said "its ok, Maxie".

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