Sixth Month

6 months

You started eating this month & you love it!  Yams and butternut squash are the favorites so far.  We are happy that you have such a healthy appetite.  You are such a happy baby - always smiling and laughing.  We love taking walks with you, playing with stuffed animals, reading to you...Daddy still loves doing his morning routine with you and you love it too!  You look for him as soon as you finish nursing.
You have figured out how to roll yourself from one side of the room to another, which you also do in your crib.  You've started playing with mobiles, looking around more, noticing your dogs - Jake and Layla.  We think you'll be sitting up before too long.  You are an absolute dream - a perfect baby and we talk about how much we love you all of the time.  We are so lucky!

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