Fifth Month

5 months

You are growing up so quick & you are such a wonderful baby.  You sleep from 7pm - 6am - which is wonderful and means that when you are awake, you are almost always in a happy and playful mood!  You love daycare and always give Tisha a big smile when you get there in the morning.  You like it when I read to you and your favorite book is "Goodnight Moon". Sometimes I just recite it to you (because I know it by heart) and that makes you smile.  You like it when we pull you up to sit and stand and then you like us to hold your hands while you stand a for a little bit.  You are pretty wobbly but before we know it you'll probably be getting up by yourself.  In a couple of weeks we will start feeding you a little bit of solid food - that is really exciting!  For now, we have a routine - mommy goes in and feeds you in the morning and then Daddy come in to stretch you and change you and put on your clothes.  He plays fun music and plays with you.  You start looking around for him as soon as you are done nursing.  We love you more every day!  You are our very favorite thing on earth!  You are a very happy boy and a perfect baby!

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