Eighth Month

8 months

You are the most delightful baby...& so funny.  You like to grab the spoon while I am feeding you to feed yourself...but you mostly miss your mouth.  You are so close to crawling but not quite there.  You can sit up on your own for a little while but still fall over eventually.  You smile all of the time.  You are always easy...even your most difficult moments are not at all hard.  In your 8th month, you started drinking formula in addition to breast milk.  You had a really cute Fathers Day moment with your father on the couch that he wants to remember.  He was lying on his back and you were crawling on his chest and smiling and laughing and grabbing his face.

We put your swing in storage in the eighth month - you were getting too big for it and crying whenever you were in it.

A bunch of new babies started your daycare.  I caught little Andrew climbing onto your Bumbo to kiss you!  All of the kids still love you - especially Joseph!

By the end of month 8 you were almost crawling: up on all fours and swinging back and forth.

* This is the last journal entry I wrote before Max's passing 
The video is of Papa Chuck and Grandma Leonie and Uncle Paul with Maxie at Father's Day brunch. 

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