We loved you right away!

I was given a journal by a friend to record Maxie's first 1000 days.  This morning I had a scare and thought that I had left the journal at Cedars a couple of days ago.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am constantly losing and re-finding important things.  My college roommate said that I was wasting words whenever I would utter the sentence "I can't find my keys" and that I could save words if I just said "cucumber".  Anyway, I found the journal.  I want to make sure I don't lose any of its content moving forward.


Daddy and Mommy went to a breastfeeding class ONE MONTH before you were supposed to be born.  After the class, we came home and got ready for bed.  Mommy went to the bathroom and her water broke! We went to the hospital at midnight, the contractions started at 3.  The doctors gave me something to make the pain go away and then we slept until the next morning.  When we woke up, it was time to push.  Dad and Grandma helped.  Maxwell Judah Leviss was born at 10:02 am. You weighed 6 pounds and 8 ounces.  Your arm was up by your head, which made it hard to get you out, and the doctor had to use a vacuum on your tiny head to pull you out.  We were so happy when you came out - and proud of our new son and family.  We loved you right away!

When we first saw you, we were most happy to see that you were HEALTHY.  The doctor and nurse laid you on my chest and I could not believe you were here!  You were (and are) so perfect - a truly beautiful baby.  Right away, everyone said that you looked just like your dad.

Grandma Susan was in the delivery room and Papa Chuck almost came in by accident!  We loved spending the first few days with you in the hospital.  We had lots of visitors - Papa Chuck, Uncle Paul, Grandma Susan, Grandma Leonie, Mandy, Aunties Bianca and Jessica.  Aunt Beth, Gigi, Papa and cousin Sadie couldn't wait to meet you and they came just a few days later.  

Mom and Dad moved back in with Grandma Susan for a week while we finished our own house.  We were renovating it for your arrival. but since you came early, it wasn't done in time.

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Unknown said...

Max was welcomed with so much love and joy. I found the email I wrote you a few hours after he was born: “omg!!! I just saw this and burst into tears. I can't believe he is here already! I am so glad you guys are both well. I was just out buying him presents this morning!! call me, xoxo, b” He had my heart before I ever laid eyes on him. I also have such a clear memory of meeting sweet newborn Maxie in the hospital, snuggling him for the first time and how much you were beaming.