Newborn Maxie

1 month

The first month was spent almost entirely at home as I was afraid to leave and go anywhere with you.  You were so small.  We went to the Pediatrician once, over to Auntie Jessica's house and a few times over to G-Ma's.  Grandma also babysat a couple of times.  Mostly, we stayed at home and tried to work out our routine.  I had lots of fun getting to know you.  You slept a lot, woke up to eat and then right back to sleep.  We also had lots of visitors because, of course, everyone wanted to meet you.  We tried to figure out where you should sleep, what you liked to wear, how we should bathe you and everything else.  But as soon as we thought we had you figured out - everything would change!

You spent 2 weeks sleeping in bed with Mommy and Daddy and then we moved you into a Moses basket at the end of our bed.  2 weeks later, we moved you back into our bed.  You were never really fussy in that first month but had some trouble going back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. Mommy and Daddy can't remember any of the words to lullabies or nursery rhymes so mostly, we make up new words (at least Mommy does).

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