My favorite picture

I took so many pictures of Max, as did Ted, my mom, my dad, Tisha, and others.  There are so many beautiful and expressive photos of Max and despite that, this has always been my favorite picture of him.  He is wearing an expression that I hardly saw, but one that always made me laugh.  It was actually so not my baby's face.  On this night, I was giving him and bath and taking lots and lots of pictures and at a certain point, he seemed to look at me with an exasperated, "ALRIGHT already!" look on his face.  But, I didn't give it a rest and kept saying "Maxie!  Smile Maxie!".  So he gave me this one last goofy smile before I put the camera down and finished bathing him.  I miss this boy so much it hurts.  I missed him every second that we were not together when he was still breathing.  I miss him a hundred times more with every second now. 

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