Seventh Month

7 months

You get cuter every day!  In month 7, you started lots of new foods and you also started sleeping on your tummy and sitting up.  Sometimes you still topple over - but mostly you are pretty good at sitting.  We went on a trip to the east coast for a wedding - mostly we wanted to visit with Gigi, Papa, Auntie Beth, and Cousin Sadie.  Everyone loves you and says what an easy baby you are!  You were wondeful on our red-eye flight to JFK, but you had a hard time on our way home.  You missed your nap and the cabin was so bright that you couldn't fall asleep.  Finally you slept a bit when I strapped you to me in a Baby Bjorn and draped a blaket over you.  It was a fun trip and Sadie is still crazy about you.  She wanted to know what you were doing every minute.

You have finally noticed our dogs - Jake and Layla and you like smiling at them.  They are really curious about you.  You also like to spend time in the exersaucer and the jumperoo. Your favorite book is still Goodnight Moon.  But, you also still like Goodnight Gorilla and the Sesame Street books as well as two books about animal babies: "Pet Babies" and "Meadow Babies".

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