I shouldn't have named a bunch of people in my post today because I don't want anyone to think that I haven't appreciated their calls and emails and texts and food drop offs or anything else.  I simply wanted to recognize that a few people have gone beyond the call of duty (not that there is any call of duty).  My friend in France, Daphna, literally has written me almost every single day since Maxie passed (even though my responses to her emails are sometimes hostile and DARK).  My friend Rachel calls me several times a week, even though I almost never pick up the phone, and leaves messages with the time and weather in Philadelphia and alerts me when she is wearing her "Team Maxie" t-shirt.  My friend Jess has not left me alone and is always texting and emailing and responding to my blog even though I have basically taken a break from her for no reason other than that her son (from the playdate photos) was Maxie's future best friend.  I should thank ALL of the other friends who have donated money to Maxie's forest, who post comments on my blog, who have asked us to have plans, who have called me to let me know that they are thinking about us, who have told their friends about Team Maxie and Maxie's Forest, and everything else.  I did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings and I appreciate so much all of the love and support we have received.  

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