When Maxie was little, I would take him over to my friend Jessica's house or she would come to mine so that our boys could "play" together.  It was really just a playdate for Jess and I.

As Maxie got a little older, we had more playdates.  Sometimes the kids would be interested in Maxie and that made him smile.

Still, the playdates were usually more for the adults.

In the last few weeks of Maxie's life, I saw the real joy that a playdate would soon be bringing his life.  I like to imagine how much he would love playing with all of the kids of our friends who were born around the time he was.  It breaks my heart in a million pieces, knowing how much he is missing out on....and how much we are missing out on, not getting to be a part of it all.

What an amazing friend Max would be, what a wonderful big brother, what a terrific son and grandson.  His personality was blooming at the speed of light.  My heart aches for what will never be.


Marla said...

God, I love these pictures of Maxie in the pool. His smile is infectious. What a wonderful, sweet, beautiful boy. An old soul for sure.

Jessica said...

It breaks my heart too. We were so excited for Maxie to come in to this world and to watch him grow and learn. I am so sad for Maxie. I think about him every day. I think about what he would be doing and I mourn for what he won't get to do. I know, given his folks, that Maxie would have been an amazing friend and honorary nephew. He would have been funny and sweet and adventurous. And I am heart broken and devastated for you and Teddy that Maxie is not here with you, with us. I love you both very much. I love Maxie too and I miss him every day. I am so, so sorry.

Katespitser said...

ohh, those pictures are so cute. There was not a single kid (or grown-up) that wasn't attracted to Max's beaming cheeks.

Amy R said...


That day in the baby pool was unique and wonderful. I want you know that. Babies don't usually interact with other babies at that age. Usually they just "play" next to each other. It was very special. Max was very special. Not only because he is yours but because of his very unique personality. He reflected on his surroundings and the people he was with. He watch, observed and communicated that he was doing so with those big pensive eyes. This made him engage with the world in such a special way.


Erika said...

I miss Max and think of his sublime smile every day. I'm so sorry.