Dog Time

Every day without this face is so hard.  Every evening, my mom and her neighbors gather in the cul de sac on her street with all of their dogs and chatter and throw tennis balls.  They call it "dog time".  When I was at the end of my pregnancy with Max, I sometimes tried to join the crowd but I was usually too tired from a day of working to stand there throwing a ball and making conversation.  When my mom would babysit Max, she would put him in his stroller and bring him down for show and tell.  When she sent me this ADORABLE photo of a sad Maxie after babysitting, it said "dog time" underneath.  I have never been sure why.  He must have been on his way out to or in from dog time. Why did he look so sad?  Was it the teddy bear outfit?  Too much stimulation in the cul de sal?  I'll never know but MAN, this photo is cute.  I miss this face too much.  Every day without it is torture.  I miss this little monkey.  He is my whole heart and soul.  

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Leslie K. said...

That picture is simply too precious for words. So much emotion in that little face. I hate that you and Ted have to live with this loss every day. It is just too much. You are courageous just for getting up in the morning, trying to put one foot in front of the other, sharing your experiences on this blog... Hang in there, Abbs.