Beauty Products for the Bereaved Woman

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Honestly, I am less than beautiful these days but I HAD to write about the eye makeup that I discovered since Max's passing.  I cry all day long and it doesn't come off.  If I wear make up to therapy, I am surprised to look in my rear view mirror upon returning to my car to see that it hasn't even smudged.  I wish I had known about this in my happy years.  I could have looked so much more put together while surfing or swimming or lounging around in the jacuzzi.  Sadly, I am not sure that the mascara is available in the US.  My cousin Sharon brought me two tubes from Mexico.  She was wearing it the week she was here for Maxie's funeral.  We went swimming and when she came up out of the water, she looked like a Maybelline commercial - only her brand is called "Color Me Beatiful" and yes, that is how it is spelled right on the product.  It seems to be trademarked that way as well.  I am thinking if cousin Sharon plays her cards right, she could be the US "Color Me Beatiful" distributor.  It doesn't come off until I take it off.  It doesn't smudge or give me raccoon eyes.  And, I cry so much I hardly use a tissue.  I usually just use the back of my hand - and STILL no smudge.  Amazing!  Secondly, I am using a new eyeliner - "Tarte - emphasEYES"  I use the it in blue.  It comes with a little liner brush and goes on wettish but then it dries and literally doesn't come off until I take it off.  Again, back of hands, tissue....NOTHING is taking this stuff off my eyes.  My tears DO unfortunately streak my foundation but it isn't too noticeable, unless I am in the sun.  Next on my list is to find a good waterproof foundation.  Now, I honestly only wear makeup about 3-4 days out of the week but it is nice to know that I have found stuff that suits my new lifestyle of crying all of the time.  I also carry eye drops with me most of the time, but can't really be bothered with them usually.  I would love any other tips anyone else has to share!


Amy R said...

i just read in real simple that the gel type of blush (not the powder) works best for staining cheeks

Marla said...

When you run out of your mascara, L'oreal does a great waterproof mascara (I've recently discovered).

Kate said...

I recommend the Tarte Amazonian 12 hour foundation---amazing stuff. And their cheek stain is also great. If you go to Sephora they will give you a sample to try. And I know some people get their lashes tinted and it lasts for a month or two--I had it done once and it stung my eyes so haven't had it done since cause I'm a wimp, but that might be something to consider, then you don't even need mascara or can just use that clear waterproof mascara. Clarins 'Double Fix' is a good one. xo

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