Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday!!!   Teddy's day has finally arrived.  He woke up early, as usual, and read all sorts of Giants sportsy stuff online.  He is pretty excited.

I actually dreamt about the Super Bowl last night...sort of.  We were in Catalina with a bunch of people we knew, for the purpose of watching the Super Bowl.  Everyone was decked out in Giants gear.  Maxie was there.  He was looking so cute and we snuggled so much.  Then he died.  I could rewind time like a video camera and relive my last snuggles but I couldn't move forward at all.  So, I just kept rewinding and rewinding and rewinding.  I was pretend gnawing on the back of his neck and he smelled so good.

My friend Ann offered to help recruit people for the 5K on Saturday, March 17th.  As I mentioned, a bunch of us will walk it.  We are thinking of doing t-shirts again so please tell me if you are going to walk and/or if you want one.  No last minute orders and no shirts without checks this time.  Only order one if you really intend to buy one.  I will post details once we decide if we REALLY want to go back into the t-shirt business.

If you want to participate in the fundraising effort (ie - send an email to your friends and family and ask them to sponsor you for the walk to raise money for Maxie's forest), you can set up your own fundraising page.  Click here: JNF Tribute Sites and select "Tribute Pages".  When you create the page, you choose either honor, memorial or personal.  Choose "Personal".  You can name the page (where it asks for "Tribute Name") whatever you like or just name it "Maxie's Forest".  You can then design your own tribute page.  I can't see the whole form but if they ask for an "RN" or "Recognition Number", you can enter RN110241.  If you want to include a photo of you, of you running, of you and Max, of you and your family....whatever, you can do that.  Or, you don't have to.  If you want to include a photo of Max.  I am happy to send you a few to choose from or maybe you can pull one off my blog.  Please send me the link (teddyabby at gmail dot com) to your tribute site when you are done creating it so that we can put them all on one website together.  Also, I've learned you can register for the 5k online.  Click here: Link to register for 5k.  We will try to figure out a place to meet up in the morning so that we can all walk together.

I'll finish up with some photos of Maxie sporting his favorite team's gear.  Go Big Blue!


Egreeno said...

Impossible not to root for the Giants after seeing these pictures. Maxie's smile is the most beautiful, perfect smile ever. The light in his eyes is so bright and infectious, Go Giants!

Kathleen said...

I am thinking of you, Ted, Maxie as THE game begins. I live in serious NE Patriots country but this game is a win-win for me, as having grown up in Giant’s fan land.

Love the pictures of your sweet boy in his Big Blue gear. To me, each photo is unique, precious and holds a memorable story. I mentioned my grandmother lost her first son; well, some of my fondest memories with her were looking through her pictures and listening to her and the stories of each one. Same pictures, same stories but never tired of them – they were so dear to her heart. I inherited some of them.

I'm really sorry to read about some of your friends who are limited in their emotional...abilities/availabilities and say things that are not the most understanding, accepting...I know people like this, and I think these kind are uncomfortable with feelings; they are emotional intelligent challenged...I'm guilty of wanting to relieve others of their pain. But, I know that denying, minimizing etc pain doesn't work long-term for most. I commend your communication skills - stating what does not work and what does for those who are willing and capable to be there and be genuinely supportive.

I'm a runner, so if I were in LA I'd sign up for the 5k in honor and support of. I’ll be there in spirit. Go Team Maxie!

Keelin said...

Maxie brought his Daddy a pretty Awesome win!!! Hope it brought a smile to Teds face. Love the pictures of Max in his plethora of giants wear. Love to you, Keelin