Giants win the Superbowl for my boys!

I found myself really emotional about the Giant's Superbowl win yesterday.  Waking up and finding all of the photos of Max in his Giants gear really pierced my heart.  While sports generally have very little bearing on my emotional state, football weighs heavily on Ted's mind.  I know that some of Ted's very earliest bonding with Maxie came in the form of buying Giants baby outfits and getting his baby dressed up for the Sunday games.  Yesterday was just a really emotional day anyway, but I won't get into it all now.

It was a really exciting game.  Ted was pacing and pulling his hair out for most of the fourth quarter.  Now, I never knew a thing about football until I met him, but he has devoted a lot of time over the years to teaching me how the game works.  I still don't totally get all of the details,  but I do know good drama when I see it.  Yesterday was really good drama.  Now, obviously we would always want the Giants to win, but this year was really important.  Mostly because I really felt that Ted finally needed a reason to feel some happiness in his heart.  Even a moment of happiness means so much these days.  The Giants winning the Superbowl would be really BIG for Ted and so I know lots of people wished it for him.  So, the win was awesome and dramatic and Ted really felt like Maxie had a hand in it.  I couldn't help but think of all of the football games Ted will miss watching with his son.  I couldn't help but think of Max missing out on all of Ted's football lessons....and the moments they will never have throwing a ball around in our backyard.  I couldn't help but think of the fact that Maxie is buried in his blue flannel Giants PJs.  I couldn't help but think that he should have been on the couch next to us, 16 months old, smiling and clapping.  Anyway, like I said, it was a really emotional day.

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Amy R said...

Ted deserved the win. i was wishing it for him, too. doesn't take away the empty space on the couch at all but i'm glad he got that moment.