My wonderful friends

Oh!  I am such a lucky girl to have the most amazing friends.  I mentioned a couple of times about my friend Ann and her workout studio Pure Barre doing two donation classes for Maxie's Forest this past weekend.  This is part of the email that I received from her afterwards:

My sweet friend, 

Today we honored your baby boy at Pure Barre. I was there to personally thank everyone and Matt made cookies for all that donated. It was a pay what you can donation class and I have an envelope filled with $400.00 in cash. I will add it to my fundraising page on Monday. I am almost to $1,000.00. I saw Amy M and Courtney at the 3pm class, I imagine them being very sore tomorrow! (lol!)  

I am proud of the money made today for the forest and I hope I have much, much more in the next few weeks. I love you so much. 

Ann is married to my high school friend Matt.  As soon as I met her (in a hot tub), we were instantly bonded.  She is crazy silly funny and so smart and a wonderful and caring person.  As I have mentioned, she set up a fundraising page for Maxie's Forest that has already raised over $500.   She also JUST had her second baby only a couple of months ago. The other two girls that she mentions in her email are friends from high school.  Amy left presents for Maxie at the cemetery on his birthday.  She was pregnant with her second boy when I was pregnant with Maxie.  Courtney has been bringing us delicious meals ongoing - even after the end of the food train.  She is Ted's favorite friend "chef".  Her cooking is so delicious that Ted even got excited for the leftovers from Thursday night on Friday night.  I love leftovers, Ted thinks life is too short for leftovers usually.  The leftovers got a little cold while I talked it out with the police - but they were still so good!

These friends are just three of the amazing, supportive, loving, wonderful people that are in my life.  Even if I haven't seen them in months, I know that they are still there - quietly and sometimes not so quietly supporting us and honoring Maxie's memory. 


Daphna said...

Thank you Ann Amy and Courtney!
It is a real joy to red abby this way! This is thank to you!!!
I wish on this end of the week that all the readers and friends concentrate on giving even more love and compassion to Abby and Ted to make them forget about the other icky week that they have been through!
Let's all unite around them and cover them with support and affection. And let's never stop in honor of sweet Maxie!
Ted,...., abby I love you both!

Adriene Wright said...

abby - i found your blog through molly's. i don't know her either but i live in utah as well and came across her blog a couple of years ago. after finding your blog, i went back to the very beginning and read every post - i just finally got caught up today. what i love about your blog is that it is one of the few that is so sincere and honest. you are saying exactly what you think and feel, nothing more nothing less. i have never experienced a tragedy of this magnitude and literally pray every day that i never will. but after having my first baby 9 years ago there is always a sense of anxiety hanging over my head and all of the 'what-if's?. no one can understand a mother's love until having a child of their own. just as no one can comprehend a mother's grief until experiencing it for themselves. regardless, for what it is worth, you're pretty amazing - i hate to be cliche, but i can only imagine what you've been through and to say it must suck would be the understatement of the year. i'd like to raise some money here in utah for maxie's forest. what's the best way to do that? make a donation online, or gather some money and send you a check? let me know. thank you.

maxiesmommy said...

Dear Adriene - thank you so much for your comment. I can't believe you read my entire blog. I appreciate that so much. It really makes me feel "heard". Thank you also for your generous interest in helping to raise money for Maxie's Forest. You can do that in one of a few ways. You can make a donation yourself to our main site: You can raise money by creating your own tribute site and then inviting friends to contribute to it. You can use a walk or run or an event as the excuse or you can just tell our story and send it out. Go to:, and select "Tribute Pages". When you create the page, you choose either honor, memorial or personal. Choose "Personal". The rest is self explanatory. You can also just do something on your own and raise money and donate the money on the main page. If you want more details, contact me directly teddyabby at gmail dot com.