My practice in patience

People always ask me if I am pregnant again.  They do!  I swear!  I've made no secret about the fact that I want more children.  But, I mean, let's get real - Mo is only six months old!  People have been asking me for months actually.  Before Prima Sharon (btw - Prima means "cousin" in Spanish - now you know) came to visit, she had a dream that I was pregnant and was convinced it was true.  I am not.  I promise.

But, the truth is, I kind of wish I was.  It would be pretty near impossible I think - because I am still nursing Mo - and nursing seems to be a natural form of birth control for me.  Now that Mo is eating solid foods, I have been wondering if I might start ovulating again.  So far - not so much.  It's one of the reasons I have been seeing the acupuncturist again.  I keep telling her (half kidding - but actually not kidding at all), that if she isn't going to make me pregnant, I'd like her to make me skinny.  Thus far, sadly, I am neither.

A bunch of mediums told me that I would be having back to back children, and that I should be expecting a girl next.  I suppose I am sort of working on making it a self-fulfilling prophesy.  That way, I can say "See!  The mediums were right!"  and that will help me to believe that Max is still with me and we will be together again.  Obviously, I want to believe in the whole package - that we have another baby, we get to be with Max again, we live a very happy life and Ted strikes it rich (have I mentioned that part of the prophesy?  It has come through in all of readings...including the astrological one.  AWESOME!  Can't wait!)

Yesterday I tried on a pair of my "medium fat" jeans - ones that haven't fit since before I got pregnant with Mo - and they fit!  Hurray!  I know beggars can't be choosers but I AM more interested in the pregnant again than the skinny again (hindsight is 20/20 - I am finally NOW comfortable with the body I had before getting pregnant with Max.  Too bad I couldn't have appreciated it when I had it.)  My new life seems to be a real practice in patience - something I have always sucked at.  I believe it will happen again for me - both the pregnancy and the skinny.  I'm more interested in the former than the latter but I'm looking forward to both!

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Eliza said...

My parents conceived my brother when I was six months and my mom was nursing! Great things are possible.