Special visits

I have said many times that I missed Maxie when he slept.  I miss Mo when he sleeps as well.  There is this moment of brief sadness I feel when I have put him down to sleep for the night where my heart aches knowing that our day together is over.  I won't lie - I relish the evenings and being "off duty".  I can cook and read and watch television and cuddle with my husband.  It's great.  But, I check that monitor often and long to smell him, kiss and nuzzle his cheeks, and make him smile.  I have a sneaky suspicion that Mo misses me too...because he wakes up every two hours and he seems a lot less interested in nursing than he is in smiling at me and checking out his daddy.  Sometimes I end up nursing him for only two minutes before he is fast asleep in my arms.  And though I am sure I would be a lot more functional during the day if I could "sleep through the night" - I love our middle of the night visits.  I honestly do.

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