Too much television, too little time

The year of television has turned into my life.  I watch a lot of television.  This isn't a new thing.  I always have.  It's just that now there is so much to watch, I find myself worried that I am spending too much time with one show and ignoring another.  I feel guilty when I am watching terrible tv when there is so much good tv to be watching.  I am pretty sure that tv is rotting my brain and I don't care.  I need the distraction.  Ted is just as bad.  He even has shows that he watches without me in what little free time he has (none).  He pries his eyes open to stay up late watching "Zombies" (The Walking Dead) because it is just too creepy for me (Ted and I have actually made a plan for what to do when the zombies come.  It seems like anything is possible these days).  The Zombies aren't going to help our baby making at all....but they make my husband happy.

I am still hooked on The Bachelor.  I don't like the people but I do like the premise - getting married to someone you competed for is just awesome (and unholy).  I am anxious for Ted to get home tonight so we can watch Shaun go out on his hometown dates.  We would have watched last night but Ted had to work I caught up on my reading (shocking!).  We have many, many, many episodes to watch of our favorite shows (for some reason all very, very, very dark programming): Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Homeland, and Damages....and we are WAY behind on the funny stuff: 30 Rock and old episodes of Arrested Development.  I watch all of the Housewives (except Miami) and I have never missed a season of The Real World (why?  I have never related to even one of these characters....ever.  And - I am sort of lying - I missed the season in Brooklyn - hoping to catch a marathon one of these days.)

Television is an escape - a way to get away from your own life and live in someone else's for a while.  I know its rotting my brain but I like to think of it this way - when the Zombie's come looking for brains to eat, they probably won't want mine.

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Anonymous said...

Reality TV is the new therapy ;)
From a mom with a terminally ill son who cannot wait for Dance Moms tonight.
Jen in MN