Teddy, Mo and I are in Portland, Oregon this weekend visiting my Auntie Alison and Uncle Danny and hanging out with our friends Eowyn and Greg, who are in town from Seattle.  Mo took his 5th airplane ride in six months!  He was awesome!  We distracted him really well on the plane with light-up blingy toys and he even took a short snooze on our laps.

He also enjoyed the airport bar and a local brew house in my aunt and uncle's neighborhood.  Today we are going to check out the city and a nearby waterfall.

These days, we welcome distractions and weekend getaways are really a good way for us to get outside of ourselves and enjoy each other, friends and family!  Distractions are another gift we can finally handle courtesy of Little Mo.


GrahamForeverInMyHeart said...

Love those sleepy pink cheeks!

Anna said...

Portland is such a great town, glad you are all enjoying!