Monday, November 7, 2011

Today I turn 38 years old.  What I wouldn't give to go back in time.  I have never been one to worry about getting older.  I have always felt exactly the same.  This year is different.  I am older.  Much older than a 38 year old woman.  Much more aware of all of the good and bad that life has to offer.  All I have now are memories of what my life was.  It was a lovely 37 years.  Now it is up to me to decide what the next part of my life (whether a day or another 37 years) will look like.  They say you are the master of your own destiny.  That is not exactly true, but I have to decide how I will move forward.  What I do know is that it is up to Ted and I to make sure that Maxie's life continues to be remembered and have meaning.  If nothing else, I know that will keep me going.


Bianca said...

These photographs of sweetest Maxie enveloped in your love are so beautiful. I am sending so much love to you today on your birthday, and always, always to your perfect boy.

Leslie K. said...


It doesn't feel right to send the usual "happy birthday" greeting this year because of all you're going through, so I'll wish for you a day that maybe holds some glimmers of peace, and hope, and sunshine. And know that lots of people out there are thinking lovingly of you, Ted, and little Maxie today and often. (My mom, dad, Rachel, and Andy all send their love, as well).

Tallie Fishburne said...

I know Maxie's spirit is celebrating your birthday ... as without your birthday his couldn't have been possible either. Thank you for sharing your friendship and wisdom with me and for bringing sweetie pie Maxie into my life. He will always remain a special beloved friend (and the person Martha and Charlotte say their prayers to).

Alison said...

Beautiful photos of you and sweet Maxie and Ted! It's true that Max would never have been here if you had not been born. I remember the day that you were born and what a perfect, beautiful baby you were. You are in my thoughts every day, with love and hope of peace and comfort.

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