Maxie's physical therapy

I've written a little about how Maxie needed a helmet for 6 weeks.  His head was a little flat on one side.  The doctors thought it was because of the way he was growing inside of me, with his little hand pressed against the side of his head.  I am sure that all of the time he spent on his back didn't help either. He did a lot of sleeping in those first few months as babies do.  Anyway, in addition to the flat head, he had some stiffness in his neck that needed physical therapy.  We had to turn his little head to look over his left shoulder and hold it for 5 seconds 3 times and then stretch his right ear over his right shoulder for the same, 5 times a day.  Ooooo, Maxie didn't like it.  How would you like someone holding your face to look left with their hand.  Neither of us really liked doing it much.  We usually did his physical therapy on the changing table and we did find that if we put a really fun light up toy on the table for him to look at, the whole thing was a little easier for us and somewhat fun for him.  The occupational therapist we saw had this great Fisher Price snail with a mirror that lit up and played music that Maxie loved.  We left our first appointment there and went straight to Toys R Us to get Maxie the same toy.  We did physical therapy with Maxie until he could hold up his own head.  By then, he had his helmet off, he had a perfectly round little head and no more neck stiffness.  We were so proud!
Max always looked right

He loved this little snail toy

This is right after Max was born.  The Doctors believe that Max had his hand against his head in my uterus!

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