Snuggle Nest

When Maxie was first born, he slept in bed with us in this "Snuggle Nest", given to us as a present when Maxie was born by our friend Erika.  It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.  I could turn on the little light over his head so I could see his little face in the middle of the night.  I was always checking on his breathing as well.  I guess as it turns out, these sleep positioners are not considered safe by the team of people who decide how to keep your kid from becoming a SIDS statistic.  Of course, I now know that it may not actually matter because you can't really keep your kid from being a statistic anyway.  You can just try to follow all of the rules as much as possible.  My mom put me in my crib on my stomach, with blankets and at least 5,000 stuffed animals (as I am sure your mom did with you) and I am still here.  IT MAKES NO SENSE.  And, they change the rules all of the time.  My friend down the street lost her daughter three and a half years ago when they used to recommend sleep positioners to keep babies safe from SIDS.  I have so much information swimming around in my head I don't know how I will sleep next time I am so lucky to be a parent.  Let's face it, I probably won't...and that is ok.  Anyway, I loved Maxie in his little snuggle nest.  He looked like a newborn baby glow worm.  I was sad when he got too big for it.  We switched off between the nest and the moses basket for the first few months.  He soon became a moses basket only kind of kid.  These pictures are so cute, they make my heart melt.  I just wanted to share the memory of our little Maxie in his little nest so quiet and content, sleeping like a baby.


Jenny Romanowski said...

I will believe for you! You have too much love if you not to have a little one to pour it over! Just try, I know easier said than done, not to pressure yourself too much! One day at a time!!

Joyce Sachartoff said...

The minute you delivered your baby you joined a club whose membership is not revokable. You don't have anyone to mother at the moment, but you will always be a mother. My aunt had 5 children. She lost my cousin Joseph to leukemia but she is still the mother of 5. If you have 2 more children, you will still be the mother of 3, in my humble opinion.