If Max had lived two more days, I am sure he would be crawling.  He was ALMOST there.  He could get himself on all fours easily.  He just needed to get somewhere.  He could move forward about two hands worth but then, SPLAT.  But, then right up again with a big smile.  I was preparing to baby proof the house the coming weekend in anticipation of the mayhem to come.  Oh my gosh!  I couldn't wait to see that kid GO!  He had so much energy and surely lots to explore.  You can see for yourself....he was ALMOST there!  Just a few more days is all it would have taken.


Bianca said...

I am so sorry that your perfect, sweet son did not get the chance to crawl, to toddle, to walk, to run, to dance, to live a long life and explore all that the world has to offer. It is so unfair and heartbreaking and all wrong. Maxie deserved everything and beyond.

Amy Hirsh Robinson said...

It is such an injustice that Max, and his wonderful parents, were robbed of these milestones. I'm so truly sorry, Abby & Ted.