Nap on me, my baby

There is something about a sleeping baby that makes everything in the world feel easy and right.  They are so peaceful, so content.  I loved when Maxie fell asleep on me.  I didn't want to make a move so that I wouldn't ruin the moment.  His little cheeks needed to be kissed but I would let them be.  Not kissing Max when he was right there was torture.  I didn't want to disrupt his little dream land naps.  What an angel he was.  How proud he made me feel, how warm, how protective, how in love I was!  The helmet stage really melted my heart.  So cute!  This little man stole my heart and that very large piece will be with him forever.  This boy is my everything, my whole life.  I miss you Maxie Moo!  Every day, I miss you and love you more.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and memories. All my love and part of my heart to you on Thanksgiving and always.


Anonymous said...

He really does have some kissable cheeks! I just wanted to leave a comment sort of responding to your last writing about some of the responses you have gotten. First I really appreciate how open you are on your blog, which helps get a glimpse of what your heart and mind are feeling. You have been able to express what your needs are as a grieving parent and that has given me some confidence to be there for another mom dealing with a horrific situation ( I will spare you the terrible details.)
Now to respond to the non empathetic comments which I am sure were not left by others who have experieced similar losses. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with a very well respected psychiatrist about complicated grief. It was explained to me that "grief in general encompasses anyone who has lost someone other than their child or spouse. Complicated grief is specific to children and spouses under the age of 65 years. The belief is that mourning and healing after the loss of a child or spouse can not be compared to anything else and can possible take a lifetime to recover. Whatever feelings you are feeling at that moment are normal for your journey. Just keep going!
Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts, it does make a difference.

Bianca said...

Oh my goodness, those cheeks, that pouty mouth, the sweet, milky baby dreams behind his lids...what a perfect, beautiful love of a boy you and Teddy created, who will be cherished and loved eternally.