Maxie es un primi

Maxie came into this world a month before his due date.  I will thrilled.  I had a pretty mellow pregnancy but that last month was SO uncomfortable.  I thought I was going to pop, plus Max was sitting PRETTY low.  I am so grateful for that extra month we had with him.  He was 4 weeks early, which isn't really considered to be premature but the pediatrician kept telling me not to worry that he would be about a month behind his milestones.  By the time he reached 9 months, he had basically "caught up" anyway.  We used to take Maxie to the zoo a lot just because it is down the street and I really like the gorillas.  He obviously was not old enough to appreciate the animals, although a few weeks more and he would have been able to see a lot more.  Prima Sharon came to visit in December of last year, Maxie was only 2 months old.  We sat in one of the monkey areas with Max for a long time while I gave him a bottle and bounced him and we made up this song about him.  The words are "Maxie es un primi, Maxie es un primi, Maxie es un primi, es un primi baby boy! Hey!"   Ted always thought we were singing "Maxie is suprema, Maxie is suprema..." He liked that version much better.  So, without further ado:

Also, I have a jpeg of the T-shirts.  Thank you to everyone who has already placed their order:

If you can't read it (maybe too small)...Toddler and short sleeves are $30 and long sleeves are $40.  All of the proceeds go to Maxie's forest.  Thank you!

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