Taking Maxie to work

My co-workers always used to ask me when I was going to bring Maxie to work.  I wanted to share him, because he is adorable, but I knew that bringing Maxie to work meant that I wouldn't actually get any work done.  Still, I did want to bring him with me one day and it was a good excuse to spend an extra day with Maxie.  I hated being away from him.  Anyway, I can't remember exactly when I brought him, but it was a day before a holiday and there were a lot of people out of the office.  Those who were there, properly "ooo'ed and ahhhh'ed" at him and I think he did a really good job being extra cute.  I always joked that if I ever brought Maxie in, our Campaign Executive's job description would have to change for the day and she could be a nanny.  She was the one who most asked for me to bring Max in, so it seemed fair.  So, that is what happened.  Carly spent an hour or two hanging with Max while I checked emails.  That was about all I got done that day.  Maxie was not the kind of baby that you could just hang out with and not pay attention to.  He would make little noises and get fidgety.  He wanted his mommy's attention and I loved nothing more than to give it to him.  There are photos of Max all around my office.  I have a corner of stuff that is waiting to come him with me for him, children's books, a little toddler chair, a big bag to store toys in.  My office sits empty, since I haven't been there much in these past three months.  There is so much proof of the nine and a half months that I got to be a mother to this extraordinary little boy.  I feel him in my soul and yet I cannot find him anywhere.  This is a photo from the day Maxie came to visit.  A day, like every other one, that was very special to both of us.

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Amy R said...


Every picture you post take my breath away and crystallizes for me the tremendous pain and sorrow in your heart. You are very courageous to be sharing all of this although I'm guessing it doesn't feel like it on your end.

XO - Amy