A reader of mine from Germany sent me this photo yesterday.  MaxiMo is the name of a German brand baby toys and clothing company.  How funny!  Thank you Ronja!!!!

By the way - you've convinced me.  I stopped trying to get Mo off the bottle.  He's happy - so I'm happy.  Thanks.


Ronja said...

You are welcome! We own several babyhats by MaxiMo and I think of both of your boys often when I put them on my girls heads.

Kirstin O'Gorman said...

People are really funny when it come to the bottle, personally I let my boys drink bottles well past age 1. I realize this is not the socially acceptable way of babyhood, but I play by my own rules. If Mo likes his bottle, and you are ok with this, let him enjoy it. My oldest son drank a bottle until he was 3. (people had a lot of "thoughts" about this) He is now 11, an honors student, very kind and warm, working toward becoming an eagle scout and played in the school band. The bottle is not a big deal, so don't worry too much about people and their "thoughts". Just brush his teeth. Mo will let you know when he is ready to move on from the bottle, sounds like it wont be today!