Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mo and I stopped at the park on the way to meet my colleague on Thursday.  We were running early.  After pushing Mo on the swing for a little bit, I put him on the grass so he could crawl around.  There is nothing he loves more than to just be set down to explore.  He was very excited to find a little boy to crawl over to and the little boy's father started talking to me.  "How old is he?", he asked.  "He's thirteen months old.  How old is yours?".  "He is 15 months," he replied.  We made more small talk along those lines - When did yours start crawling?  When did yours start walking?  blah blah blah.  And, then - the question!  The one I usually dread.  "Is he your first?", he asked me.  I didn't pause, I just answered with whatever came naturally.  "No.  He is my second," I said.  "How old is your other child?", he asked.  "He is almost three", I said.  He smiled.  I asked about his kids.  Our boys played a little longer and then we were on our way.

Pretty painless in the grand scheme of things.......

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Em said...

well done. I love it when I can bring up Eva naturally and not have to mention she's dead.

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