Visiting our baby


Becca said...

This picture is both heartbreaking and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I've been quiet a long time but never stopped reading. Not one day. This picture is breathtakingly beautiful and so very sad simultaneously. Mo will grow up loving his brother and missing him, and I still think somehow, someway, they've already met. You and Teddy are such warm parents (love your new ink, btw) and Maxie is with you always. Happy 1st birthday to Mo, as well - warmed my heart to see him eat that cake! Just a beautiful family!


robyn said...

this picture brings tears to my eyes. mo should be playing with his big brother, not visiting his grave. i am so so sorry, sorry for you, ted and mo and especially sorry for maxie who doesn't get to be here with the rest of his amazing family.

i love you abs.