They remember him

I love my funny, sweet, smart nieces Sadie, Mandy and Camille so much. Sadie and Mandy were both little when Maxie was born.  Each of them  had such special relationships with him. He was the first cousin for both of them and they were both totally obsessed with him. Mandy followed along my pregnancy, so eager to meet the cousin who was coming. She was one of our first visitors in the hospital.  Sadie came to visit right after Max was born and then really bonded with him in Costa Rica when he was almost four months old, showering him with hugs, kisses and attention. 

I don't really know how much they remember, but they remember that they miss him and love him.  They are never embarrassed to tell me that either, which I love. I love knowing that he is remembered by them. I love that they are too young and totally unashamed of saying his name, asking about him and expressing how sad they are that he isn't with is.  I know he would love them and look up to them so much.

When I am with them, I feel like a little part of him exists in them. Even when they forget someday, I will always remember how much they loved him.  

When we were in Connecticut, Sadie talked a lot about Maxie.  I can tell that she knows we like hearing his name.  She kept saying how much she LOVES Mo and wishes she could "Squish Max into Mo" because she misses him so much.  It made sense to her and it made sense to me too.  I know exactly what she was talking about.

Yesterday we had a West Coast birthday party for Mo and afterwards, we decided to release some balloons.  Mandy wrote messages for Max that were so sweet and heartfelt. I cannot tell you how much I missed having my older little boy in my arms yesterday. 

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